ZFA Workshop Steering Suspension


ZF Aftermarket offers a wide range of Lemförder steering and suspension parts with supplier’s quality in the series. When it comes to systems with increased safety requirements, such as suspension, it is very important that all components interact reliably. Lemförder, as a manufacturer of parts, is directly involved in the development and testing processes. Lemförder's range of steering and suspension products is constantly expanding. Now it is actively supplemented with rubber-metal products for electric and hybrid cars.

Steering and suspension parts support the wheels of the vehicle and perform a directing function. They provide a connection between the vehicle and the roadway, which is a necessary condition for safe and comfortable ride. Only absolute accuracy and quality control during the design, production and installation guarantee constant reliability and safety of the vehicle.

“The constant increase in the number of hybrid and electric cars requires updating the range of rubber products for the aftermarket. This will ensure market growth in this segment. Parts and components of the Lemförder trademark provide optimal handling and directional stability while driving, as well as reduce noise in the car,” explains Richard Eji, Head of Product Management at ZF Aftermarket.