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CTT Digest is a Construction Equipment and Technologies / CTT magazine, the authoritative Russian analytical edition, which has been covering the construction equipment, machines and technologies topic since 1999.

Since 2017 the magazine has been released in the updated digital format CTT Digest, which combines the experience of a leading magazine in the construction industry and the benefits of new technologies.

CTT Digest publishes the latest and latest news of construction equipment, introduces the opinions of experts, shares the experience of leading industry specialists and aspires to make publications as interesting as possible.

We always try to be useful to our readers by publishing analytical articles and independent technology reviews. Our authors not only professionally describe new technologies but also help many of you to continue training in the field of working with construction equipment and special equipment.
For many years, CTT magazine was a weighty part of a single project with an exhibition of the same name. Every two months we send the preview of the latest issue to our subscribers and post the digest at the website.


Market analysis, statistic data and the latest trends to make the right strategic decisions.


New and advanced models of construction equipment enter the market. What is really this or that machine? What are their advantages and disadvantages? Isomerases, comparative analysis may be included.


The story of the development of existing and creation of new working methods.


Interviews with company management and leading experts about the current situation in the industry.


Possible solutions to current problems in the industry. Features of the equipment.


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