КС 55713 1Л 1 NEO


Sales of the updated series of GALICANIN autocrats with a load capacity of 25 tons with an boom length of 23.7 m started, which contain the highest cargo altitude characteristics and added unique options. The top series was named NEO and developed with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia.

The steel structure of the boom is completely made of Swedish high-strength steel Strenx 700.

The size of the reference circuit is increased from 4, 9 × 6.1 to 5, 1 × 6.1 m. The possibility of working with set counterweights with a weight of up to 5.5 tons has been added.

All NEO series autocrans are equipped with a planetary winch, which is lighter in weight, smaller in size, more reliable in design.

Boom head is equipped with bracket for load basket attachment with load capacity up to 300 kg.

The "transformer" technology allows to increase the height of hook lifting to 39.3 m and to deliver a load weighing 1.5 tons to the roof of the 13-storey structure.

The coupling device on the autocrans allows to tow a trailer with a weight of up to 14 tons, at the same time the length of the road train does not exceed the permissible 20.0 m.

Ideal for transportation of additional counterweights, spacers and components as part of an autocrane without fines and restrictions.

The new crane operations hydraulic distributor is designed for open-center hydraulic systems. Inlet section is equipped with indirect pressure control valve with additional unloading, which allows to reduce intensity of working fluid heating by 15%, as well as pressure control over the whole range of flow rate.

Due to application of "sensitive" slide valves maximum smooth performance of working operations and minimum landing speed and accuracy of cargo positioning are achieved.

Hydraulic expansion of lower circuit is made according to classic 4-pipe scheme by galvanized pipelines with inlet rings.

The guaranteed absence of leakage along the rod at low temperatures and low pressures provides an improved system of frost-resistant seals of hydraulic cylinders, which retain elasticity at temperatures up to -50 ° C.