flatliner n


For the first time on the Russian market there is a Flatliner SB-19 H 95/81 - one of the flagship products offered by Langendorf for the construction industry. The semi-trailer-paneloader, or infloder, is designed to carry LBI and to work with two-axle and three-axle saddle tractors.

Flatliner is used to transport large structures with a maximum length of 9 m and a height of 3.7 m. An important advantage of the vehicle is the possibility of loading and unloading without the need for external equipment such as a crane or forklift, as the semi-trailer transports exclusively loaded cassettes. The use of high quality materials in the production of Flatliner guarantees high strength at low vehicle self-weight (about 9,500 kg).

The semi-trailer has additional options to ensure the safety of both drivers and other road users. Cargo compartment doors are equipped with strong locks, which guarantee safety during loading and unloading on uneven surface and in case of strong wind. The Flatliner, despite its size, is very easy to manage and operate. Equipping with hydraulic elements and electric motor makes it possible to use fastening devices in any plane (in one of 4 positions) and thus adapt to different types of cargo. The presence of telescopic clamping levers - hydraulic thrusts - allows the operator to work from the ground level, which guarantees safety. This feature also reduces boot times to 10 minutes.

The hydraulic suspension is lowered for loading and unloading of the vehicle. A protective device is also installed to prevent accidental lowering of all three axles during movement. The pump feeds the hydraulic locks and the locking mechanism of the hydraulically lockable rear door. Built-in batteries provide independent operation of equipment without tractor.